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# Questions and Support

# Stack Overflow

If you have a question about how to use Vue Formulate please ask it on Stack Overflow tagged with vue-formulate. When you do, please include code examples and if possible, a link to a CodePen or CodeSandbox so the community can further assist you (see Code Playgrounds below)

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# Vue Formulate Discord (Generalized help & discussion) New

Stack Overflow is not the right place to ask generalized "Why doesn't my code work" questions. It's intended to ask questions about isolated issues. If you're in need of more generalized help — or you just want to make connections within the Vue Formulate community — consider joining the official Vue Formulate Discord. If you are not already a member (it's free and open) you'll need to use the following invite link to join the server.

# GitHub Issues (Bugs and Features)

GitHub issues are reserved for feature requests and bug reports, but if you've found a bug, please report it! Feature requests are always going to be a bit subjective, but if you believe there's a large use case that is currently under served by Vue Formulate, we want to know that too.

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# Code playgrounds

We maintain a Vue Formulate enabled CodePen and CodeSandbox to let you quickly mockup your forms and reproduce issues or bugs you might have. If you want to just play around, or plan to file an issue, coding up an example is a great place to start.

# CodePen

When able, we recommend using CodePen, but it is limited to one Single File Component. To create your own fork, click "Use this template" in the bottom right of the page.

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# CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is a little more full-featured, allowing multiple Single File Components like you might use in your own project. Also if you're wanting to use initialization Vue.use(VueFormulate, {...}), features this is the one to use.

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# Articles

Vue Formulate Logo

Introducing Vue Formulate — truly delightful form authoring.

An overview of Vue Formulate by the author. Why it exists, what it does, and where it is going.

Vue Formulate heart Tailwind

Tailwind + Vue Formulate = ❤️

Using the newly customizable classes in Vue Formulate, learn how to leverage the Tailwind CSS utility framework to quickly add custom styling to your forms.

Vue Formulate with S3 and Lambda
Latest Article

Better uploads with Vue Formulate, S3, and Lambda

A practical guide to improving file uploads with Vue Formulate, AWS S3, and AWS Lambda.

Written an article?

Have you used Vue Formulate on a project or come up with a unique technique? Consider writing an article about it! Whether it's on DEV, Medium, or your personal blog — we would be happy to share it here. Just edit this page and submit a pull request(opens new window) .

# Examples

A growing list of Vue Formulate code examples.

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Have you created a Vue Formulate CodePen or CodeSandbox? Share it with the community! Just edit this page and submit a pull request(opens new window)

# Community plugins

Checkout the plugins documentation page for a short list of community plugins.

# Projects using Vue Formulate

Have you built something using Vue Formulate in the wild? Submit it to Vue Telemetry(opens new window) — which has support for detecting Vue Formulate within projects — and add it to the growing list of example sites.

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