# Button

The button classification is given to the following types:

Formulate determines what becomes the text of the button in the following order:

  1. The default slot passed in
  2. The value prop
  3. The label prop
  4. The name prop


Both types output the same markup except that submit includes type="submit" on the button element itself which is necessary to trigger form submissions.

# Button

  label="Buy it now"

You may also use the default slot to pass more complex content into the button.

  Loading <span class="loader" />


There is no model binding or label element for button input types.

# Submit

Submit elements have the same syntax as buttons, but they are able to submit forms (including FormulateForm wrappers).

    name="Submit this form!"

# Slot Component 2.5

The button input has one slot (#default) with a single Slot Component:

Slot component name Description
buttonContent This slot component renders in the #default slot and is passed the input context object.