# Tips for custom styles

Consistent markup and like-field grouping with classifications help considerably with keeping the necessary CSS to a minimum. The package includes a boilerplate SCSS file.

Download a SCSS boilerplate (opens new window)

# Sample markup

<!-- Outer Wrapper -->
<div class="formulate-input"  data-classification="text" data-type="text" data-has-errors="true" data-is-showing-errors="true">

  <!-- Wrapper around label + input -->
  <div class="formulate-input-wrapper">
    <!-- Label -->
    <label for="my-id" class="formulate-input-label formulate-input-label--before">
      Sample text input
    <!-- Interior element wrapper -->
    <div data-type="text" class="formulate-input-element formulate-input-element--text">
      <!-- Actual input element -->
      <input type="text" placeholder="Sample placeholder" id="my-id">

  <!-- Help message -->
  <div class="formulate-input-help formulate-input-help--after">
    Sample help text

  <!-- List of error messages -->
  <ul class="formulate-input-errors">
    <li class="formulate-input-error">
      Sample is required.

Once the above output has been themed, styles will largely transfer to all formulate inputs. The only variance is some classifications use different internal inputs.

# Using classifications

The outermost wrapper always has a data-classification attribute which can be used to group styles. For example the [data-classification="text"] selector can be used to style all text-based inputs at the same time:

.formulate-input {
  & [data-classification="text"] {
    input {
      // style all text-like inputs here

# Data attributes

To make dynamic styling a bit easier, there are several utility data attributes that are applied to the outermost wrapper.

Attribute Description
data-classification Always available. Set to the classification of the input (box, text, group, etc.)
data-has-errors Added when the field has any validation errors or explicit errors (passed in via prop or form) regardless of whether or not the errors are being displayed.
data-has-value Added when the field is not empty.
data-is-showing-errors Added when the field has errors and is showing them (based on error-behavior)
data-type Always available. Set to the value of the type prop.